So your bestie's getting married.
It's time to pull out all the stops!

Mia Mehendi Madness jewellery

Make your outfit stand out with vibrant jewellery, while you keep your ears glued to all the wedding gossip.

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Add some sparkle to your ensemble with diamond jewellery. While you groove to Bollywood hits with the sangeet squad!.

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Mia Sangeet Shenanigans jewellery
Mia Cocktail craziness Jewellery

Its all about the high heels, gorgeous jewellery and a cocktail in each hand. Party with your girls like never before!

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the low down

Mia hen-party hysteria jewellery

Tropical beach or swanky bar, accessorie your outfit with chic jewellery and look your fashionable best!

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secret shaadi confessions

"My bestie had told me that she secretly calls her aunt Hena as 'Hyena' due to her laugh. When she introduced us at her sangeeth, I said "Heard so much about you, Hyena Aunty" by mistake. She literally choked on the ladoo her aunt was feeding her" - S,30
"At my best friend's wedding, we kept saying 'Oh wahan dekho!' and 'Oh usko dekho' to divert her mother's attention, so that she could slyly take sips from a cocktail" - G, 26
"During my best friend's vidaai, I whispered a really bad joke to her, just because I can't stand to see her cry" - A, 22
"Got my best friend to replace me on a blind date, turns out that I was acting cupid and now they're getting married! And both of us swore on our friendship that we wouldn't tell him about it!" - K, 20
"Asked my best friend's fiance not to get his chest waxed for the wedding, saying that she likes it that way. P.S. She can't stand excess hair. Lol." - Z, 24
"My friend was on a secret pre-wedding holiday to Goa with her fiance. But she had told her parents that she was with me. During her wedding, her mom asked me how our holiday to Goa was. And I kept acting like I couldn't hear her over the music." - K, 20
"I have read through my bestie's 'secret' journal and leaked info about her idea of a perfect date to this guy who had a huge crush on her. And now they're engaged to be married! Haha." - B, 20
"My friend's parents are fanatical about astrology. They were going to make her ditch her boyfriend of 10 years if the reading came negative. Slyly yet guiltily, we arranged for an astrologer who agreed to frame only positive readings. And now she's getting married to her boyfriend. Her parents know nothing about this, of course!" - D, 28
"Missed bestie's vidaai! I was busy hooking up with an old flame at the wedding. Had to lie and tell her that I missed it because I was too emotional" - M, 29
"A few days before her wedding, my bestie's bridal crew including me, went partying. While we had stopped the car for a late dinner, we saw her to-be parents-in-law at the same cafe! She, being tipsy insisted on meeting them and telling them how much she loved them. We had to forcibly lock her in the car and keep her mouth shut to avoid being noticed.What a close save!" - G, 26
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