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Quintessential jewellery for the first-jobbers

Quintessential jewellery for the first-jobbers

Stepping into an adult life can be difficult – the pressure of acting like a grown up, doing the right things, preparing for that first job and getting ready for work – the struggle is real! The secret mantra to any professional look is to keep it simple and classy, and we have selected just the right jewellery to accessorize your every look at work.

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1. The simple studded earrings

These elegant earrings are the most versatile piece of jewellery every working woman needs. You can pair these earrings with every attire in your wardrobe, from the sharp suits to smart casuals to ethnic. What’s more is that these studs will add to the grace of any hairstyle of your choice.

Style Tip: Pair these with a light coloured top, blazer and untied hair for that ‘power presentation’ look

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2. The chic pearl pendant

However big the occasion at work may be, this pearl pendant will add to your confidence and will help you go a long way. Pair it will sleek gold chains of different lengths to add elegance to all your shirts and tops.

Style Tip: Style it with a wide or scoop neck top of any colour with a beige handbag and footwear to complete your casual look at work.

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3. The classy diamond ring

Nothing defines the aesthetics of your wardrobe better than a classy diamond ring. This diamond ring is a must-have in every working professional’s collection. This timeless beauty will easily blend into all your looks, making you always ready on the go for all your occasions.

Style Tip: Fashion your ring with a French manicure and a nice watch for all those client meetings

So why wait anymore, bring out the best in you with these simplistic yet elegant jewellery that will ensure that your first impression at work is bang on!